December 2022 Newsletter
RFH Opened in 2003

Dear Friends,

We hope you are doing well. We are very thankful to God for your prayers, support and relationships that have sustained this ministry. Please continue to pray with us for the end of all wars. [Please do not forward or repost any of the content without our approval. Thank you.]

Now from Marina:
Dear close ones who are so far away! God made us one family and you took too deep in your heart all our needs and problems. We all want to thank you for your prayers and donations that keeps us alive and full. We are able even help others who are in need too - people who moved from their places and had to start life from zero.

The cold came and made a lot of us sick including me. I have fever as well as some kids and counselors. I think some sort of covid goes around anyway but since we do not wear masks get it easier. Well we just have to be smarter.

In moms home one kid and his mom are sick. Please pray. Counselors meet with grad moms and their kids. It means the family was created by God and love. Vera's grads come often to see mama and their little brothers and sisters.

In the first picture you can see Masha; in the 2nd picture you see Anya who came to Vera. Olya and Vasya took a lot of kids out to eat in the third.

In the picture with me (the youngest and most beautiful one) there is a new couple who wants to learn how to become Family Home parents. They have 3 kids very sweet ones. They have great potential. If they start new Home many new kids would be saved.

Please pray for new couple: Victoria and Alex. We continue to live with tears and hope in heart. This feels like another reality. The world around is different now.

Thank you for your love and friendship. Because you love God you keep us in your hearts. Means soooo much to us.

Thank you. Love. Marina.

Some of the family home ministry funds spent this year provided food help for the single moms home ($400/mo.), protein for one orphanage ($60/month), and help with medical care in special situations.

Christian homes for orphanage graduates and single moms, with loving Russian house parents

A place to learn how to live independently, while continuously supported by a Christian community

God’s word is studied each day, and Sunday worship is attended each week

Outreach is given to orphanages and school dormitories the parents have connections with, including meals, Bible studies and celebrations in the two homes.

Outreach and leadership is provided to prospective Russian parents considering foster care or adoption

This Texas Incorporated, 501c(3) organization is run by its Board of Directors: Dr. Roberta Ficke (Chairman), Larry and Dr. Kim Heller, Pam Behrends and Greg Sethness (secretary/treasurer)
335 Arcadia Pl. San Antonio, Tx. 78209 (210) 885-6070

To donate to: Russia Family Homes, please mail a check to the above address, OR use a credit card online w/ our partner,; choose “support” … “RussiaFamilyHomes”

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