Outreach with RFH Ministry Team

(in addition to the daily ministries in the homes themselves) 

The first day of the week finds the families from both homes in Church. This is just the start of ministering to one another and others in St. Petersburg. At church, one of the house mothers, Olya, is a Sunday School helper every other week for the kids. Of course the younger house members will be learning with the other kids in Sunday School. To support one another the available leaders meet each Wednesday for prayer. There is also a monthly prayer meeting that everyone tries to attend. Thanks to the use of cell phones it is estimated that the team members are in contact with about 100 graduates from the family homes and other children and adults each month. In addition, some family home graduates come to visit one of the two family homes and/or Marina almost every day. So this new Christian family continues to grow and support one another.

The other house mother, Vera, meets twice a month with about 12 parents to discuss their adoption and foster care issues and provide guidance for those who are contemplating adopting or fostering a child. Every other Saturday Marina and two graduates visit a government shelter where they play games, talk about the Gospel and build friendships with 15-20 children. On the other Saturdays a team leader and Family Home graduate visit an orphanage they have been able to connect with, and they visit with about 10-12 kids. It is not easy to visit orphanages without having a trusted connection. Another team member visits a government-run adult facility once or twice a month to help watch the children of other volunteers at this facility.

Special relationships are made with certain orphans and that precipitates outings where nurturing and loving relationships can be built. It could involve teaching English to a child, going to a play, or just going on a walk in a park with several children. Marina does this typically every month.

The kids and parents in the two homes have the opportunity to go out in the country to a “dacha” on the weekends and see a different side of life with gardening and other life skills being taught. A few graduates from the Family Homes may accompany them to help. And when summer and winter camps are held the Family Home leaders help administer those camps which last about 12 days each. They could bring 1 or 2 families with them to the camps.



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