June, 2022 Newsletter
RFH Opened in 2003

Dear Russia Family Home Supporters.

We hope you are doing well, and that this letter below from our Director, Marina, is informative and helpful. Please do not stop praying for peace. God’s love will prevail. Thank you so much for your prayers, support and friendship.
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Summertime and the livin' is easy... Wherever we go whatever we do we keep thinking about country next to us, and what people and children go thru. Sometimes they knock on our doors asking for shelter. I had 5 families so far and the 6th one is on the way.

However our Family Homes are places to make the children and adult moms happy and responsible Christians. The group of girls we care for are on the vacation at the sea. They like Monday because the counselor Tatyana gets money from us and they are able to buy ice cream. So they call Monday Ice cream Day. When it is hot and parents buy ice cream for their kids, our orphan girls wait for Monday. Thank you very much for doing that! It is impact in their future.

There are a lot of sad and happy moments in Vera and Volodya's Home. The youngest one Albina jumped down and got broken spinal cord (not really broke but damaged by pressing them in). She was put in a hospital for 10 days. Now she has to wear corset for long time. Please pray for her miracle recovery. This girl has so much energy but she has to be limited with movements. And it is very Hot now for such thing like corset.

Anya the oldest one graduated from Home to stay with her mother. It is not going to be easy because her mom could not take care of Anya well, and that is why Anya ended up in a shelter from where we got her. She needs a lot of prayer and care, because her skin needs a lot of treatment and plastic surgeries (she was in a fire barely alive).The good thing is she loves Vera and Volodya (picture below) and always can come for support and help like other grads from Home. Katya (another graduate) comes to visit with her 2 Kids. She tells her children we visit grandma and grandpa. Katya is very good caring Mother. She took away much from Vera.

Life is unpredictable. So, good in Homes is orphans receive Mother and father - the model to follow. Another Volodya and Vera Home grad Nadya lives in another city. She has a son. They have video-chat often. Nadya wants her son would know the dearest people in her life. She is also good loving mother.

The teenager Danya (below) first time made a decision to go to Christian camp. He likes it there very much. It is important time in his life. Most of the life decisions are made in his age. Looking at his pictures you can tell he is happy

Ollya Vasya Single mom Home had a lot of difficulties. They got sick one after another. Christina and her little boy had Corona virus. They are in a hospital. Olya the counselor got sick many times because she spent a lot of time with sick Kids. Some People offered them a house in a Village to spend a Summer to let children be in sunshine and clean air. The city is very polluted now. Hard to breath when it is Hot. I think it is very good idea to spend some time in a Village.

So Vera and Volodya are going to invite a New Child. They pray to see who God gives. The same with Single moms. One of them is ready to leave by the end of the Summer. Please pray for God's direction for all the counselors and grads and me. We love you very much. Greatly thankful for all you do for us. Peace is when people help each other not destroy.

Love. Marina

P. S. Please if you have any questions let me know.

Christian homes for orphanage graduates and single moms, with loving Russian house parents

A place to learn how to live independently, while continuously supported by a Christian community

God’s word is studied each day, and Sunday worship is attended each week

Outreach is given to orphanages and school dormitories the parents have connections with, including meals, Bible studies and celebrations in the two homes.

Outreach and leadership is provided to prospective Russian parents considering foster care or adoption

This Texas Incorporated, 501c(3) organization is run by its Board of Directors: Dr. Roberta Ficke (Chairman), Larry and Dr. Kim Heller, Pam Behrends and Greg Sethness (secretary/treasurer)
335 Arcadia Pl. San Antonio, Tx. 78209 (210) 885-6070

To donate to: Russia Family Homes, please mail a check to the above address, OR use a credit card online w/ our partner,; choose “support” … “RussiaFamilyHomes”

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