September 2023 Newsletter


RFH Opened in 2003

Dear Russia Family Home Supporters. We hope your families are doing well. We pray for God’s peace in the Ukraine, and thank you very much for your prayers, support and friendship serving this ministry. We try to illuminate in the newsletters different aspects of the lives of those we know and serve in St. Petersburg. Marina sent the comments below after queried more about the pictures she sent, [Please do not forward or post this newsletter to any social media without our approval.]

From Marina: The water baptism picture: Galya the lady in black on the right. She and her son stayed in Moms Home for about 2 years. She left a year ago. She was silent almost all the time feeling unworthy and dirty. There was bad violence in her relationship with the father of her son. She escaped from her city saving her life. She could not believe there were kind people ever... Olya and Vasya found her in some shelter and brought her Home. They gave her and her little boy as much love as possible. Her heart was melting slowly, but surely like iceberg in the sun. Now she feels much more confident (long way though anyway). She can manage rent. Lately she made a decision to commit her life to Jesus and get baptized!!!! 

There is Kristina in the picture as well (number 4 to the left from Galya). She is in Moms Home now with her little son. She was addicted to drugs, alcohol and sex. She lived a few years like that after she left the orphanage ‘till the time she was not able to manage her life. Her little boy was like an anchor for her. She loved him. A few times she tried to give up drugs, but failed. Olya and Vasya got to know about her. They invited her to Moms home. She came and then left in a month, because she was not free from additions yet. Then she came back. She got scared the son could be taken from her. It is always a good sign. If mom is ready for sacrifice for her child’s sake there is hope. Now she is free, but addiction is not the thing you give up and become free easily. You have to stay in freedom every day of life. I do not know how any people could handle that without keeping faith strong. God's Grace is always enough. Kristina is active in visiting church and home group with her son. She has a lot of new Christian friends. So her decision to get baptized is a great victory!!!! She is staying with us yet. 

Masha who is on the picture with Olya made great impact in Galya and Kristina decision for Christian way of life. She helped Olya to bring these young mothers to Jesus to see the Truth, Who made them free. Masha is very strong in her faith now. She is very creative to provide her living. She definitely has the gift of cooking.

On the picture with me and lots of people we celebrate Anya's (grad) birthday. She invited people whom she stayed with in Family Home long time ago. It is still her family. She will be 40 next year. Please pray for her. She really wants a family, children...She is soooo good, hard worker, funny and smart. 

Russia Family Homes

Christian homes for orphanage graduates and single moms, with loving Russian house parents

A place to learn how to live independently, while continuously supported by a Christian community

God’s word is studied each day, and Sunday worship is attended each week

Outreach is given to orphanages and school dormitories the parents have connections with, including meals, Bible studies and celebrations in the two homes.

Outreach and leadership is provided to prospective Russian parents considering foster care or adoption

This Texas Incorporated, 501c(3) organization is run by its Board of Directors: Dr. Roberta Ficke (Chairman), Larry and Dr. Kim Heller, Pam Behrends and Greg Sethness (secretary/treasurer)
335 Arcadia Pl. San Antonio, Tx. 78209 (210) 885-6070

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